Residential Pest control

For many homeowners, managing pests isn’t on their radar and it can be a major concern when you first notice an animal pest such as a mouse or cockroach, or any other unwelcome animals in your home. Although hiring a professionals to handle pests is typically the best choice when an infestation begins to develop but these solutions for emergencies can cost a significant cost and an equal portion of anxiety. Instead of relying on an exterminator when an issue arises homeowners should consider investing in regular, proactive treatment. Our pest control services for homes have been designed to effectively stop pests from infesting your home. But, our experiences have shown our customers that the vast majority of homeowners do not contact us until the infestation has already taken place. That’s why eradicating pests is also an integral element of our offerings. Our residential pest control solutions can protect you from all kinds of rodents and pests.

Cockroach Control

Residential pest control

Cockroaches are known to contaminate food items and surfaces, and can also destroy fabrics and papers, spread disease they can cause allergies and create unpleasant odours. Cockroaches live in the night and like warm, dark and moist places to hide in crevices, cracks or difficult-to-access corners. The first step in eradicating an infestation is eliminating sources of food and hiding spots particularly since cockroaches are able to return to their homes. By doing a bit of research with a long-term strategy and preventative steps to create a less attractive environment for roaches. This will not only control the problem but also help prevent from recurring.

Flea Control

Flea control

The fleas aren’t just an irritating itchy itch, but they could be a health risk for both your pet and you. Both dogs and cats may develop mild to severe allergies to fleas. and anemia due to a bite as well as internal parasites such as tapeworms. Children, particularly can be exposed to parasites due to interactions with pets that have been infested by fleas. Other sources of fleas are upholstery furniture and carpeted rugs and even the presence of animals. Adult fleas will jump on hosts from an animal infected, or from areas where the animal is. In the yard, moist, shaded soil in hot weather can be attractive to the hosts and the fleas. When a pet is bitten the adult flea burrows under the skin, then bites the animal to obtain a nutritious blood meal, and begins to reproduce. This is why getting rid of fleas as quickly as possible is crucial.

Ant Control

Ant control

Ants are among the most common and persistent insects that can be found in the buildings and homes. Apart from being nuisances they also contaminate food items, create ugly mounds on property and cause damage through making holes in wood and other substances for nesting. Certain species, like fire ants cause painful stings that could be fatal to people who are hypersensitive. To eradicate the ants, it is essential to determine the species of ant before you attempt to eliminate ants. Certain species of ants, like Pharaoh insects can be controlled by baits, but others can’t. To eliminate insects successfully, it’s generally necessary to follow them back to the colony and then treat the colony on its own. Carekill Pest Control experts have the expertise to detect ants and eliminate them.


Bee Control

Bee control

In order to communicate details in order to inform Bee Control about your stinging insects, it typically assists in identifying the hive or nest so that we are able to best plan how to address your particular issue. If you’ve noticed your walls are “buzzing”, chances are there’s a massive active beehive thriving inside. It’s time to contact carekill to to investigate. No matter if you’ve found bees in your floor, walls, or fireplace Bee Serious’s team Bee Serious is licensed and skilled to tackle any issue you’re facing, large as well as small. Contact us today for a free quote and the confidence that we’ll complete the task quickly effectively and with efficiency, as well as return the security of your home.


Silverfish Control

silverfish control

Silverfish are nocturnal species of the insect group Thysanura which thrive in humid and hot temperatures. They are able to move extremely fast and are difficult to observe and are fed food that is primarily food items that are starchy, papers and textiles. The presence of a Silverfish problem requires treatment of all the adults Silverfish and their harborage. In the quest to eradicate silverfish, it isn’t easy. An expert method to rid yourself of an infestation of silverfish is most efficient. At Carekill our trained technicians can assess the situation and recommend the most effective ways to control the problem within your home or business


Spider Control

Spider control

Although they can be very beneficial to the world, a lot of people possess a deep fear of spiders. This is known as Arachnophobia. The fear can trigger feelings of unease when they see spiders. This in extreme instances can cause extreme sweating, crying, or panic attack. A professional spider control service is essential in preventing a major or repeated infestation. Our monitoring and inspection service aims at identifying certain species of spiders that could cause problems for an organization and also confirming that are not harmful. We will provide advice on how to recognize the first indications of an infestation to allow quick and effective targeted treatment should it be required.

Rat and Mouse Control

Rat control

Pest management for mice and rats involves taking preventative steps. Methods to exclude rodents like sealing entry points will keep rodents from buildings and can help prevent a complete invasion. Reduce the chance of accidental pet, human and rodenticide exposure through employing non-chemical methods to control rodents’ invasions. Rats and mice aren’t just a nuisance, they can cause property damage and transmit diseases which pose a risk to health and safety of the public. Our current methods for rodent control in large buildings have proven to be extremely effective to date. In the home, tackling rodent issues is much more simple with Carekill residential services. can keep you safe from the stench of rodents for a long period of time.


Wasp Control

Wasp control

It is challenging to identify wasps without professional guidance. A precise identification is essential since it helps determine the most effective treatment. Wasps can easily be confused with other stinging insects like bees. Carekill Pest Control strongly advises against attempting to take out nests of wasps with DIY methods since this could be very risky. Our experts have the right equipment and protective equipment to eliminate nests of wasps in a safe manner. While the presence of a large number of wasps around your yard or in your home surely indicates there’s a nest in the vicinity but getting rid of the nest might not be a viable option. If the nest isn’t located on your property it will be a matter of restricted options to do to get rid of it. Nests in restricted and difficult to reach areas may become more challenging to deal with. So, it is recommended to seek out professional help.

Bed Bug Control

Bed bug

Bed bugs are master hitchhikers. They typically travel with humans and their belongings, such as suitcases. The name of this pest comes due to the fact that they usually live near to bed. This is because bed bugs require to drink the warm blooded mammals to remain alive. Bed bugs, unfortunately, can grow up to 35 days. They live from 7 to 12 months. That makes bed bug removal difficult without the assistance of a specialist. The difficulty of eliminating bed bugs and the impact they have on families and businesses makes the need for professional pest control essential. Our knowledgeable and skilled pest control specialists adhere to strict guidelines for treatment and inspection to ensure that they get rid of these bugs.

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